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How to teach love poetry

How to teach love poetry

There comes a time in the life of just about everyone where a love poem is not only necessary, but the poetry of love sings from your very being demanding to be expressed in some fashion to the object of your desires. Love poetry is an expression of love and/or admiration in a written format. Teaching someone how to write a love poem is a process of teaching him or her how to express his or her emotions in a written format.

If you are interested in teaching someone how to write a love poem, first consider what a love poem is. A love poem is, in essence, a composition of strong feelings towards another being. The words do not have to be symmetric, rhyming, or a specific meter; the words just have to come from the same place as the love the heart.

Teaching someone how to write a beautiful love poem means allowing the person creative freedom to explore styles, symmetries, and meters until a specific form is revealed allowing for complete freedom of expression for that person. Writing poetry on the topic of love is a personal experience, and no single combination of rules will apply to all individuals.

One method for teaching love poetry to an individual is to have the individual explore what other people have composed on the topic of love. By visiting such sites as the League of American Poets, an individual is given the ability to research how other individuals have expressed their love for another.

Remember, there is no single method for composing love poetry suited for everyone. When teaching love poetry, be sure to allow for freedom of expression. Another idea for boosting the confidence of the would-be poet is to point him or her in the direction of PoetryAmerica.com where a person can post their personal masterpieces.

When composing poetry, self-expression is the key to success. When a person feels free to express emotions and feelings, a poet is born.

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