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That Special Someone

© By Anonymous

It was a rainy dark day
When I first saw that special someone
That someone you can say that had captured my heart
At first I didn't know what to say or what to do
He got me into a feeling that I rarely get into
Also that special someone gave me big butterflies that you cant ever imagine
As you can see I have a big crush on this kid
But yet I didn't know his name or where he lived
Your asking yourself how can you have a crush on him without knowing his name and also seeing him for the first time
You can say that special someone was my "dreammen"
Cause once our eyes made contact that person began to be part of my world
Your maybe asking yourself that I'm at a certain age and yet I'm saying his my "dreammen"
I know I'm gonna have guys walking in and out of my life but the feeling that he gave me was no over feeling anyone can gave
Trust me I know
You can say that was "love at first sight"
Well for me having love for him at first sight
As for the rainy dark day
It wasn't dark for me anymore
Instead it was a sunny bright day
The sunshine for me was when that special someone gave his warm smile to me

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