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Kristopher Lily

© By Anonymous

I can't remember to stand
When it gets harder and harder
To accept without understanding

You are my life, I can't see outside of that
Your brown eyes are the windows to my soul
And remembering them
Is not longer a comfort anymore?

When I first heard, you had to go
I kissed you and said you'd be back yesterday
Watching, listening
When the first lie came
I knew there would be more
Whether it would be one, fifteen or thirty
I hate and fear them all furiously

Home is so cold some nights
I left our bed four weeks ago
I won't go back, until you come home

Do you find time to be an enemy?
I do, the worst of all life's impurities

I use to know when I saw you last
But that's fading so fast now I'm reeling
Trying to find my way back to that

My dreams use to keep us close
I could actually hear you one night
Were you hurt, were you afraid I was gone?

Though I love you, I let you leave, but this
I won't lose your heart on my sleeve

I was never high on faith, being a part of life
Made me that way, but after you
Holding me, the way I like
I believe in my heart, in you too now

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