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Gone Forever

By Victoria Elliot

The color is no longer in her cheeks
The sparkle is no longer in her eyes
The gleam is no longer in her smile
Because the smile is gone forever
All that's left is cold bitterness
He will never see her face full of
life again
He leans his head in to kiss her lips one last time
But she doesn't return the kiss
A tear runs down his cheek as his lips touch hers
He whispers "
I love you" in her ear
Even though he knows that she does not here him
But he pretends that she does
He tries to turn around and leave
But his feet are planted there
Next to her, lying still
If only this wasn't the last time
All he wants is to be able to be with her
For just one hour, minute, or second
But he knows that that is too much to ask for
For this is the very last time he will every see her beautiful face
He stares at her, hoping that he will see her eyes open
But she lies there still as a stone
He just can't turn to go
His eyes are locked on her face
He realizes that his eyes are full of tears
The tears don't stop
They flow out of his eyes like a
He discovers that he doesn't want them to stop
He wants to cry over her
To never stop
To cry until his eyes can not produce any more tears
Then wait until he can cry some more
He isn't ashamed of his tears
For he knows that she is worth it
He never wants to
love someone again
Because he knows that there isn't enough room in his heart
When someone says '
love' her name comes into his head
He knows she's gone forever
She will never say '
I love you' again
He touches her cold hand
And places a rose in it
He hears the knock on the door
And he knows it's time to leave
He kisses her lips for the last time
And whispers "Goodbye"

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