How to Write Poetry

The bigger the point to be made, the point you want to put across all the more imperative the details in your poetry writing. Vivid imagery is the key to poetry when conveying emotions or a point to the reader; the reader often remembers the imagery long after they forgot the reason behind it so be careful and keep your writing focused and use imagery to only enhance your thoughts. You can find a plethora of examples in Sonnets, love poems, and nature poems. Say what you want to say and let the reader interpret for themselves how they feel. Such self interpreted poetry is often found in inspirational poems, life poems, and spiritual/ religious poetry. Develop your voice and get comfortable with how you write. Everyone has personality to their writing, so find yours in practice and thought. Voice makes your works of poetry unique to you. The more you read and gain a more extensive vocabulary the more you learn and the more you write the more you develop and learn which form best fits your work and better express you. Writing in forms is a challenge but it makes you think and evolve your unique methods of poetry. Sonnets, Haikus, Ballads, and Limericks are to name a few. To boost your mind in its creativity it is recommended to write in different places for inspiration; you never know when imagery and poetry will hit you. So keep a notebook to prepare for it because the environment you are in often influences your writing. Another way to help your pen flow with poetry is keeping a dream journal. Dreams are the works of your mind at its best when it comes to creativity. To keep your poems fresh and interesting use humor, irony, and melodrama to spice things up in your works. Romance poems and assorted types of love poetry find such tools very useful. Follow your fears. Freely express your personal demons that have been in your dark closet and shed some light into them and push yourself to write honestly as possible and to bottle up emotions or thoughts that flow in your writing. People find that they are forced to do so through expressing themselves in depression poetry and death poems. Such efforts in allowing yourself to clean out your skeletons in your chess will not only help you find some closer in what trials and tribulations you have gone through in the past but enhance your writing as well. As well as broadening your social network, going to poetry readings or forming a poetry circle or group of your own is a great way to develop your writing skills and improve your poetry by learning from others and sharing your wisdom with others.

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