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Do you have a humorous soul and a love for just a good chipper laugh?  Limericks are the antidote. These poems are short and simple and commonly nonsensical, but for the right audience create a smile on anyone’s face.  Limericks have been known to bring people together to enjoy a good laugh and have some good old folk form fun.  The dubious history of limerick Poetry goes as far back as fourteenth century England’s pubs, filled with bawdy humor, poems for children and nursery rhymes.  You will even find limericks in some of Shakespeare’s work such as “Othello and King Lear.”  Limericks are just plain fun.  If it were not for Limericks we wouldn’t have some of our most treasured works, such as “Humpty Dumpty” or “Ring Around The Rosy” or some of our beloved Irish folk songs like, “My Old Man’s A Dustman” or “Any Old Iron.”  So enjoy some of our collections of funny limericks of a broad range for all ages.  rn

Limericks were popular and spread through rn the English country side and even Shakespeare used them in his rn works.  Many short humorous lyrics have their history base on rn limericks.  They are often just nonsensical rn funny poems. rnrn

 “A man hired by John Smith and Co.
rn Loudly declared that he’d tho.
rn Men that he saw
rn Dumping dirt near his door
rn The drivers, therefore, didn’t do.”rn -Mark Twain

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