How to write a funeral poem

How to write a funeral poem

There are few times in a life more symbolically filled with misery than the time of passing of a loved one or a friend. This time is a time of remembrance, regrets, and forgiveness. Often, an individual will choose to write a story, a letter, or a poem to offer final words to the one passing. If you know how to write a funeral poem, your journey is just beginning, but for those of us needing a little help with writing a funeral poem, here are a few useful suggestions.

Who Is The Audience?
The first task in writing a funeral poem is to recognize who is the target audience. Is this poem going to be read at the funeral? Is the poem for your own personal use? Will the poem be in the local newspaper? Is the funeral poem for family and/or friends? The more personal the funeral poem the more liberal the self-expression for the poem will be in the end.

The first step in how to write a funeral poem will determine the formality of the final product. However, remember there is inspiration to be had at such websites as

What Is The Purpose?
There are many purposes for writing a funeral poem. Ask yourself a few easy questions. Is the funeral poem to help you forgive someone? Do you want to honor the one who has passed? Is the poem to be a funny poem of memories? Does the poem announce the death of the individual in question? The purpose of the funeral poem will determine the contents. Happy memories, sad memories, laughs, and tears are all a part of a good funeral poem.

When writing a funeral poem, do not be concerned with political correctness. The poem comes from your heart. If you pay attention to the audience and the purpose, the funeral poem you create will be perfect. Remember, you are not trying to please anyone or gain anyone’s approval, but you should consider how you poem will affect others.

Learning how to write a funeral poem is not difficult as long as you stay in touch with your inner feelings. If you get stuck, investigate The League of American Poets at for inspiration from other individuals in the same situation you may be in currently. There are many methods for inspiration, and the greatest one is the memories you have of the departed.

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