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Fly Through the Night

© By Anonymous

Tonight I saw you in the dark blue sky,
I tried to grab you but you quickly flew by.
This night I felt you riding the wind and it felt nice,
I wanted desperately to ask you for a bit of advice.
Life has lately been full of confusion,
I often wonder if it is all an illusion.
Sometimes when the wind blows I tell myself it's your breath,
Then I remembered you had left me at the time of your death.
My tears ran dry the day I cried and cried,
To taste the salt again, Lord knows I have tried.
I went to say good-bye that day with the setting of the sun,
At that moment I realized the pain had only just begun.
At first I got mad and turned my back on life,
Your departure ached like the stabbing of a knife.
Then I went crazy and cursed at the day,
I no longer knew the words to say.
You shined like the sun's reflection off the blue green sea,
Your golden sunlight warmed the skin of me.
I told you things I never could otherwise have said,
I still long for you to sweetly sing me to bed.
At night the moon reminds me of you,
I wonder if then you see me too.
I wait for you to shoot through the sky,
Leaving a mystical trail, as if waiving good-bye.
Is this good-bye forever, all is now silent, now only a vivid memory?
If this is true, well not telling you I love you enough, for this I am sorry.
I remember the last time I saw you and what you said,
I did not know then that soon you would be dead.
But you knew and told me in your own delicate way,
You told me to remember the things you told me that day.
Well those memories will forever remain in my heart,
And I guess in that way you and I will never part.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally,
Your spirit I will love for an eternity.
Yet, still I cannot accept reality.

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