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Desert Soldier

© By Anonymous

Looking out on the horizon,
Cheek rested on his M-16
So much work left to be done
So much left to be seen.

His uniform tan and brown
Like the color of the sand
He sits fatigued now
Watching the dirt sift through his hand.

The hours roll on by
All work and not much fun
He adjusts the helmet as he sighs
And stares up at the blazing sun.

He checks and rechecks his gear
As sweat drips from his brow
He wishes it was home here
Or that he could be there now.

He looks out at the sand
Collecting it inside his bag
He stares down in his hand
A small American flag.

He remembers why he's here
He remembers his call
He remembers that year
When men gave their all.

He sits up straighter now
He understands his part
He answered the call somehow
It must have been the pride in his heart.

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