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Cry for the little girl who was lost
All those years ago.
Cry for the girl who screamed inside
But no one seemed to know.

Cry for the little girl whose soul
Lay broken on the floor.
Cry for the girl who vowed one night
He won't touch me anymore.

Cry for the little girl so sad
Her eyes were filled with tears.
Cry for the little girl so afraid
The pain would go on for years.

Cry for the little girl whose heart
Hardened into stone.
Cry for the little girl who knew
He'd never leave her alone.

Cry for the little girl who jumped
And spread her wings to fly.
Cry for the little girl who left
And flew into the sky.

And cry for the mother left behind
Who never really knew.
And cry for all the girls still here
Cry for me and you.

Dedicated to all the lost little girls,
In the hope that they can find their way home.

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