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Dawn of the Plains

© By Anonymous

The herons take wing,
Can't you hear them sing?
The sky changes from black to purple.
The star of the east disappears.
Slowly the dew of the plant drips
Down on Jackrabbit's soft head.
Lo! Silhouetted against the rising sun,
Hawk slowly circles above.
Prince of the plains, wolf slowly comes
To drink by the cool, green stream.
As he slowly lowers his head,
Deer comes to his side to drink.
Deer comes and goes,
Like the seasons of the year.
Wolf slowly retreats
To the shade of the tree
As Bobcat takes his turn.
Just as deer, Bobcat disappears
As morning slowly awakens.
Field Mouse dances by to
The tune of Mourning Dove's soft song,
The bliss of the dawn still within them.
The sun has risen, and guess what else?
The lord of the dance:: the Butterfly.
Slow, then fast, round and round,
Up and down, left and right,
Showing his dazzling display.
Fox slowly creeps from his den,
To join the symphony of dawn.
Sly and fast as he is, he cannot hide
From the sharp eye of the Owl,
Waking from his daily nap.
As noon descends, so does Squirrel
Seeking his nut-filled lunch.
As soon as it starts, noon too disappears
To make way for the dusk.
The animal kingdom slowly seeks
Out a place to rest.
All but Wolf and Owl, their duo all
But over, slowly dancing out the
Serenade of the night.
Owl sleeps. Wolf is tired so he goes to
The stream for a nice cool drink,
As dawn slowly rises.
And the circle of life continues.

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