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Broken Lies

© By NatalieR Burdette

As standing on an edge,
I fear the walk of wait.
I drifted towards a ledge,
to take me to my fate.
You once said I could fight all,
and measure could not stop.
I gave my trust so I would not fall,
and looked at you on top.

It wasn't long till misery danced,
Your promise I could not love.
My heart cried to leap and prance,
I cannot live beneath your bloody glove.
I feel we left behind our ties,
To seek another hand.
All you gave were broken lies,
No fall to break my land.

Forgive me now As I walk away,
Hearts can't hurt that sad.
I'll hold you with me for all days,
I'll find you soon to forgive all that's bad.

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