Browse and explore the world of poetry through our site that spans a deluge of works with a broad range of themes. Sonnets, ballads, limericks, narrative, haiku, acrostic and topical poems are just a few examples of different forms of poetry. In fact there are over 52 types of conventional poetry and another approximate 40 invented forms. The craft of poetry comes in so many ranges. Poetry makes so many allowances that traditional writing does not many times. Poetry permits one to express one's emotions that otherwise would not find means to materialize itself.

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Many people believe poetry may predate literacy and was used as means of recording oral history. Hence we have storytelling, genealogy, and law. The oldest surviving poem is the epic poem of Gilgamesh of ancient Samaria. Whole philosophies and religions sprung up from poetry such as the Five Classics of Confucianism to religious poetry such as the Song of Solomon of the Tanakh and Georgian chants. Poetry has survived as a very heavy role in our modern lives, such as in the form of lyrics and rap. Some of our greatest hymns have their roots its poetry. So experience for yourself and enjoy the wonders that poetry gives to each and everyone of us. Find the elements of poetry that best touch your heart and let the collection of poetry we offer take you to flight.

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